Project Portfolio Delivery Capability Diagnostic – how do you stack up?

Over the last two years PA Consulting has been running a survey into the drivers of project portfolio delivery effectiveness – the results of which appear in the series of portfolio management articles in this blog. 

We have had responses from over 180 organizations from a range of sectors in the US and Europe – notably communications & media, energy & utilities, healthcare, financial services and professional services firms – ranging from well-established, household names to a number of smaller start-ups. 

Our analysis of the results has enabled us to identify the real drivers of project delivery performance and understand what distinguishes high performing organizations from their lower performing counterparts. 

We are looking to expand our base of respondents to enable the next level of analysis of results.  It would be great if you could participate in this research by completing our survey.  The survey is completely confidential and we will provide you with a complimentary, tailored report, in a matter of days, which provides insight into:

  • How your organization compares to other respondents
  • What is driving your performance
  • Where you might focus your improvement efforts most beneficially.

The survey takes 20 minutes to complete and can be found at:

I do hope that you will participate. The results are often insightful and inspiring.

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