It can be done – improving portfolio delivery performance

We cover a lot of theory in this blog.  Though our theories have been honed through practical application and tested in anger, we probably haven’t provided enough “proof” yet. 

We’d like to change that.  We plan to start mixing in more real life examples so that you get a sense of how we’ve successfully applied the various hints and tips we’ve discussed in previous posts.

For example, today we’ll refer back to our February 3rd post: Key stages in the project portfolio delivery performance improvement journey.  This previous post explained the steps to follow to see rapid improvement. 

 We applied this approach to help the UK government improve delivery reliability in their high-profile portfolio to redevelop the Thames Gateway.  The Thames Gateway is a strategically important economic area to the east of London stretching 40 miles from Canary Wharf and the Olympics site along the Essex and Kent county coasts. Its regeneration, facilitated by an investment of £9bn of public money and an anticipated £40bn from the private sector, is one of the largest programs of its kind.

The Gateway has a rich and varied economic history, having flourished pre World War II, declined thereafter and more recently it has begun a process of transformation to establish itself as a beautiful place to live, work and visit.  The success of the Gateway is key to the wider UK economy and ensuring that London remains a global capital.

We were asked to help transform the program, in large part to ensure the hundred odd associated projects were well managed and coordinated.  Through following our model for high project delivery performance we were able to address the specific elements that were impeding delivery and helped the organization work as a single system.

There is a short video explaining the work undertaken and the outcomes achieved.  You can watch the video at:  Please click on “watch” in the upper right hand corner to launch the video. 

 You may also read the official case study write-up which explains, in greater detail, how we went about supporting the successful turnaround of Europe’s largest regeneration program. Click on Thames Gateway below.

Thames Gateway

Alexander Lowry

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