Achieving world-class program delivery … for London’s safety net

So far in the program management postings we described our approach to managing many of the key challenges along the program delivery path. 

Some of the feedback we’ve received is a request to demonstrate application of our approach.  We’d therefore like to show an example of how we don’t just talk the talk, we actually walk the walk. 

Today we’ll present the case study of LCH.Clearnet.  The primary role of LCH.Clearnet, as a clearing house is to underpin the financial security of London’s banks and brokers. The collapse of Lehman Brothers and the successful default management of their multi-trillion dollar portfolio by LCH.Clearnet, highlighted the pivotal role the organization plays in the financial markets.

However, LCH.Clearnet recognized that there was a need to restructure their program management approach and asked us to give advice on where improvements could be made and provide support going forward. We quickly developed a program of activity to change the way LCH.Clearnet managed projects to ensure a clearer management focus, a more structured approach and greater transparency about progress. 

LCH.Clearnet has now seen several years of successful project delivery. For example, a year after we started helping, 70 projects were successfully delivered, and that progress has continued.

LCH.Clearnet continues to chart clear progress against a project management maturity curve with the ultimate aim of reaching the highest levels of continuous improvement.  They’re well on their way – an independent review has awarded LCH.Clearnet the highest score for project delivery and they now have a clear record of success that means that they are well placed to succeed in a changing and increasingly competitive market.

Additional details and insights are available in the full version of this case study

LCH Clearnet Case Study

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