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Our blog has six major areas of focus:

  • Simply Better PMO – Invaluable insight on how your PMO can get the basics right, do the important things well, and minimize overhead.
  • Program Management – Useful insights on strategic program management. His posts address many of the challenges that occur along the program delivery path.
  • Portfolio Delivery – Unique research findings on portfolio management based on survey data we have collected and, continue to collect, from program managers around the world in a variety of business sectors.
  • Design Authority – Helpful techniques for ensuring that solutions are designed & built as imagined through the use of discrete Design Authority function.
  • Change Management – Valuable insights on driving and releasing change to ensure sustainable benefits from change efforts
  • ITIL & Program Management – Unique perspective on program management as it applies to service management (ITIL)

Also, check out our Project Portfolio Delivery Effectiveness (PPDE) Survey, Try hitting the link at the bottom left of the screen. For 20 minutes of your time we will produce a free report which will provide you with the status of your portfolio and where to focus your efforts to improve overall performance.

More about the authors

John Hall is an experienced program manager and change management consultant at PA Consulting with over 30 years experience consulting with energy companies both in the US and around the globe. He leads PA Consulting’s Project Portfolio Delivery Effectiveness service line.




Teneka Polite has over 8 years of consulting and entrepreneurial experience focused in change management, communications, talent management and organizational assessment and design. She has led multiple projects across federal and private sector industries such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, professional services and media and television to deliver sustainable and measurable change.

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